SIMPSONS 2007: Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire


Friday, August 17, 2007

Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

SEASON-1 (Episode-1) - Original Air Date: 17 December 1989

The episode is about Christmas and how the Simpsons celebrated. It started with their family car; Homer drove Maggie and Marge in a rush through the streets covered with snow. They were going to Bart and Lisa’s school function for Christmas and they were late. After reaching school Marge and Homer managed to find their seats tottering through audiences; everybody was looking on the stage as the function was already on. While Homer and Marge had their seats, Principal Skinner was introducing the second grade students. The students were performing as different types of Santa Claus from different parts of the world. Lisa became the highlight of the show being a Santa Claus whose name is TAWANGA and the Santa was from South Seas. After that Principal Skinner introduced the fourth grade students who performed the Christmas Carols. When the performers were singing “Jingle Bells” among them Bart was singing some different words but in the same tune and he was pulled out from the stage. The show went on and Homer was getting bored and thinking how long it will last. Later in Simpsons’ home, Homer begins Christmas decoration, Marge wrote a letter for Simpsons’ family on Christmas cards and Lisa, Bart wrote a Christmas wish list. In Marge's letter she was describing what her family was doing. When Lisa and Bart were done they showed their wishes to their mom and their mom Marge got upset seeing their wishes because once again Lisa wished for a pony and Bart for a tattoo.

In between Patty called Marge and a rumbling Homer gave the phone to her. On phone both the sisters were making plan to enjoy the Christmas Eve together. Homer was outside and he was done with the Christmas lights on the roof. While the kids were looking at him from the pedestrian, Homer fell down from the roof and called his wife Marge to see his incredible work and asked her to plug in the lights. When the lights were plugged in surprisingly very few of them light up and Homer was really impressed with his work. But the kids were impressed with the decoration of their neighbor Ned Flander. Flander called Homer to check out his decoration when he was about to plug in the lights for the first time. When he plugged in, the whole house was full of lights with a talking Santa Claus on the top of the roof. The lights from the Ned’s house brighten up ever one’s face except for Homer but his kids were mesmerized with Ned's light performance.

Next day at breakfast, Marge asked the kids to get their money and go for shopping with her to the mall. The kids were much exited about Christmas and they ran happily to get their money. Homer was surprised by seeing kids’ reaction and asked Marge where did she save the Christmas money. Marge pulled out a big jar full of money from her hair and showed it to Homer. Afterwards in the mall when Marge, Maggie and Lisa were looking for gifts; Bart got detached from them and he found a tattoo shop. Through the window of the shop Bart saw a tattoo which was heart in shape and the word mother was inscribed on it. So the little Simpson thought his mother would be very happy if he had a tattoo like that. Bart ran into the shop, lied to the tattoo designer about his age and jumped on the chair to sit. In between Mr. Burn announced from nuclear power plant that there won’t be any bonus for the unskilled employees in this Christmas and Homer was also included in it. Homer took a gasp of air and recalled that they still have money inside the big jar for Christmas and consoled himself.

In another scene Bart in mall was shouting while inscribing the tattoo in his body and Marge was looking for Bart hearing the noise coming from the tattoo shop. After finding the little brat half way done with his tattoo, Marge pulled Bart from the chair and took him to the clinic for removing his tattoo. There she found that removing a tattoo is very expensive and has to pay up front. So Marge used all her money to remove his little brat's tattoo and consoled herself by thinking about Homer's bonus for Christmas. When Marge went back home and told everything to Homer and said we can still count on your bonus; Homer got upset of the situation since he told everyone that this will be a great Christmas. He went out side, thinking and looking his poor decorated house beside Flanders' perfection.

On that very night, Marge and Homer went to bed and Marge found something was really missing in Homer; she asked what's wrong with you. Homer was about to tell her in this Christmas there won't be any bonus and suddenly he pulled over changing the topic and offers Marge for Christmas shopping. Homer didn’t want to hurt Marge saying all these and they both went to sleep. Next day miserable Homer went for shopping at a cheap store for Christmas and he bought a pantyhose for his wife, some stationery for Bart and a simply toy for Maggie. So on his way Homer collides with Flander whose hands were full of different type of gifts, fell down on the floor. Homer picked up his gifts and compared with Flander. He found his gifts were almost nothing in front what Flander brought and went to Moe's place getting depressed. Over there Homer had been having beer alone in between Barney came there wearing a Santa Claus costume. He seemed to be very happy. Barney told Homer that his mood is really good today because he earned more from his per time job being a Santa in the mall. The words of Barney stroke into Homer's head. Next day he was found filling up applications in mall's personnel office. Homer gave the interview for becoming a Santa in the mall and then he was sent for training by personnel director.

That night Homer came late at home and Marge was really worried about him and asked where he had been. Homer avoided the conversation and went upstairs without letting Marge know anything about him. Marge told Homer that her sisters are here and asked him to meet them; so Homer went to meet Selma and Patty. While talking the sisters told in a taunting voice, how come the Simpsons yet don’t have a Christmas tree? Homer told them he was just about to get one now, so he went out of his house with an angry face, driving his car. While driving he passed over so many expensive Christmas tree shops but he dint stop in front of a single one. Finally he parked his car in front of a Christmas tree farm got a chain saw and stole a tree for his family. When Homer placed the tree the Simpsons were really happy except Marge's sisters Selma and Patty.

On Christmas Eve, Homer was doing his duty usually in the mall where children were waiting to sit on Homer's lap. Bart and Milhouse was there watching kids making long line to sit on Santa's lap. They made a comment that they couldn't believe the kids were in love with fake Santa. Milhouse gave dare to Bart and asked him to pull off the Santa's beard and he agreed. So according to the plan Bart included himself into the line of kids and was waiting for his turn to sit on Santa's lap. When Bart got his turn he got shocked after pulling Santa's beard because not even in his dream he thought that the fake Santa could be Homer. After this incident the angry Homer took Bart into the Santa's workshop to have a private chat between son and dad. Homer explained everything to Bart and the situations he is going through; knowing all these Bart felt guilty for taking off Homer's beard. When homer is done with his duty, Bart went with him to collect his cheque. Homer fell from sky when he saw the amount; it was only 13 dollars! Homer asked the cashier about the reason of such an amount and she explained that most of the money went to pay for the suit he was wearing, social security etc. Homer got pissed and was really depressed since he couldn't figure out what to do. In between the exited Barney suggested Homer to bet on dog track as he was going to do the same. Homer was not that much interested but Bart pursued him and said this is the last chance we are left with to save our family Christmas.

Back at home Marge's sisters, Grandpa Simpson everyone was waiting for Bart and Homer but they were late and were busy on the dog track with their dog "Santa's Little Helper". At first Barney suggested Homer to bet on the dog named Whirlwind but Homer got reluctant when he saw the dog's face. When Homer was in such a dilemma just at that time there was an announcement about a dog named Santa's Little Helper. Actually Santa's Little Helper was a replacement of another dog in the fourth race and Homer thought this is some kind of divine indication and he putted all his money on it. While the whole Simpsons’ family was waiting for Homer and Bart but Bart and Homer was waiting conscientiously for the fourth race. The moment came and the race begun; Bart and Homer were cheering for their dog while Barney's Whirlwind took the lead. Seeing the situation Homer and Bart understood, there wasn't any chance of getting back their money and were confirmed when they saw Santa's Little Helper dint even cross the finish line. Homer and Bart were cursing their luck in the parking lot outside the dog track. Barney passed by a convertible with a woman sitting next to him and showed Homer and Bart the luck Whirlwind brought to him. In the mean time Homer and Bart saw the owner of Santa's Little Helper yelling at it for losing another race and chased it off. The dog jumped and took shelter in Homer's arm and Bart found it cute and wanted to take it home. Homer at first was little confused and later he agreed to take the dog with them and drove back home. An upset Homer entered the Simpsons' house and started confessing about his Christmas bonus and also apologized for not being able to give his family proper gifts. Suddenly Bart took an entry with a bark with him and it was from Santa's Little Helper. Everybody in the family loved the dog and was happy with it. In the end Homer realized at least he did something good.



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