Tuesday, July 31, 2007


In this movie Homer Simpson saved Springfield from the damage he created to his own town. The problem in the story begins with Homer Simpson, his new pig and a silo started leaking which is full of his new pet's waste. The combination of all these created a huge chaos in Springfield and brought a disaster.

The problem started to grow for the Springfield natives when Homer saved a pig from a butcher. Homer didn't want to eat the innocent animal and he took the pig to his home and started taking too much care of it. Meanwhile Homer's son Bart got too much pissed off by the silly activities of his dad and he wishes that his dad was like his neighbour Ned Flander. On other hand Homer's daughter Lisa started campaign to save the lake that already had been polluted by the natives. Lisa's efforts were noticed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and they also tried to protect the lake by putting a cement barrier all around it. The EPA's weird plan was working - until Homer planed to dump the silo full of his pet's waste into the lake. Things like this are always done by Homer and he did it in his usual manner and created a hazardous pollution in the lake. So seeing this kind of situation of the lake the EPA took permission from the stupid President Schwarzenegger and decided to isolate Springfield by putting the town under a giant transparent dom. Consequently the citizens were running out of food, electricity etc. since there wasn’t any way out of the town. Mean while after an investigation the Springfield residents came to know from news that the whole thing happened due to Homer's silo. This news turned the native crazy and they started to seek revenge on Homer by trying to kill him. Homer and his family got a narrow escape through a passage in Maggie's sandbox. Although they have managed to escape but the simpsons couldn’t escape from their guilt and Homer Simpson had to come back to rescue the people of his home town. In conclusion it’s a classic Simpsons story which shows an exhibition of redemption and there is no way the audience will get disappointed.


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