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Bart Simpson-Like Father Like Son

There's no such thing as a soul. It's just something they made up to scare kids, like the boogeyman or Michael Jackson.

Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ.

Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun.

Dear God. We paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.

You know, I've done a lot of bad stuff through the years. I guess now I'm paying the price. But there's so many things I'll never get a chance to do: smoke a cigarette, use a fake ID, shave a swear word in my hair.

Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine with all the chicks?

What if you're a really good person, but you get into a really, really bad fight and your leg gets gangrene and it has to be amputated. Will it be waiting for you in heaven?

I don't know! I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!

Hi, I'm looking for Amanda... Amanda Hug N Kiss.

I never thought it was humanly possible, but this both sucks and blows.

How can someone with glasses so thick be so stupid?

Why would anyone want to hurt me? I'm this century's Dennis the Menace!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...aye carumba!

Inside every hardened criminal beats the heart of a ten-year-old boy.

I can't stand to see you so upset, Lis, unless it's from a rubber spider down your dress - Hmm, that gives me an idea note for later: put rubber spider down Lisa's dress.

Aren't we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.

I didn't do it, no one saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything!

Mom, can we go Catholic so we can get communion wafers and booze?

I think its ironic that for once dad's butt prevented the release of toxic gas

What a day, eh, Milhouse? The sun is out, birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them -- as is my understanding ...

Eat my shorts.

I'm Bart Simpson, who the Hell are you?

Don't have a cow, man.

Bart Simpson's Song

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The Simpsons Game

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Real Life Simpsons


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Homer Simpson's Words of Wisdom

Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems.

Save me, Jeebus!

I'm not impressed easily. Wow! A blue car!

Well, crying isn't gonna bring him back, unless your tears smell like dog food.

I don't hate your mother, I just won't be sad when she dies.

Who are you? Why am I here? I want answers now or I want them eventually!

Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding, 'You/re making a scene'.

Trying is the first step toward failure.

Because they're stupid, that's why. That's why everybody does everything!

That's it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I'm going to clown college!

You know those balls that they put on car antennas so you can find them in the parking lot? Those should be on every car!

Marge, I'm going to miss you so much. And it's not just the sex! It's also the food preparation.

When I look at the smiles on all the children's faces, I just know they're about to jab me with something.

America's health care system is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, well...all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Paraguay!

It's like something out of that "twilighty" show about that zone.

Whenever Marge turns on one of her "non-violent" programs, I take a walk. I go to a bar, I pound a few, then I stumble home in the mood for love...

It's not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to fit in eight hours of TV a day.

English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England!

Oh no! What have I done? I smashed open my little boy's piggy bank, and for what? A few measly cents, not even enough to buy one beer. Wait a minute, lemme count and make sure...not even close!

Or what? You'll release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

You're saying butt-kisser like it's a bad thing!

Well, let's just call them, uh, Mr. X and Mrs. Y. So anyway, Mr. X would say, 'Marge, if this doesn't get your motor running, my name isn't Homer J. Simpson.'

I know what you're saying, Bart. When I was young, I wanted an electric football machine more than anything else in the world, and my parents bought it for me, and it was the happiest day of my life. Well, goodnight!

Apu, you got any Skittle Brau? Never mind, just give me some Duff and a pack of Skittles.

You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.

Mmmmmm - 52 slices of American cheese.

Hey, I asked for ketchup - I'm eatin' salad here!

When I first heard that Marge was joining the police academy, I thought it would be fun and zany, you know like that movie... "Spaceballs". But instead it was dark and disturbing, like that movie "Police Academy".

I think Mr. Smithers picked me for my motivational skills. Everyone always says they have to work twice as hard when I'm around!

Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie, and one to listen.

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand!

I'm trying to fix your mother's camera. Easy, easy - Hmmm. I think I need a bigger drill.

You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'.

Oh, everything's too damned expensive these days. Like this Bible. It cost 15 bucks! And talk about a preachy book! Everybody's a sinner! Except this guy.

Here's to alcohol - the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

God bless those pagans.

Don't let Krusty's death get you down, boy. People die all the time, just like that. Why, you could wake up dead tomorrow! Well, good night!

If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now, quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers!

You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.

Go ahead and play the blues if it'll make you happy.

I'm a white male, age 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are.

All right, let's not panic. I'll make the money by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one.

Woo hoo! 350 dollars! Now I can buy 70 transcripts of Nightline!

Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.

You know boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like women. You just have to read the manual and press the right button.

I hope I didn't brain my damage!

We'll die together, like a father and son should.

Let us celebrate this agreement with the adding of chocolate to milk.

We're gonna get a new TV. Twenty-one inch screen, realistic flesh tones, and a little cart so we can wheel it into the dining room on holidays!

First you don't want me to get the pony, then you want me to take it back. Make up your mind!

Son, a woman is a lot like a... a refrigerator! They're about six feet tall, 300 pounds. They make ice, and... um... Oh, wait a minute. Actually, a woman is more like a beer.

Now what is a wedding? Well, Webster's dictionary describes a wedding as the process of removing weeds from one's garden.

Now, Marge, don't discourage the boy. Weaseling out of things is what separates us from the animals. Except the weasel.

You can't go wrong with cocktail weenies. They look as good as they taste. And they come in this delicious red sauce. It looks like ketchup, it tastes like ketchup, but brother, it ain't ketchup!

I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I think it was called "The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down."

I don't have to be careful, I've got a gun!

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!

Oh, they have Internet on computers now.

Marge I swear, I never thought that you would find out.

Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip!

I am so smart, I am so smart, S M R T, I mean S M A R T.

I'm not gonna lie to you, Marge. See ya soon!
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There's No Disgrace Like Home

SEASON-1 (Episode-4)- Original Air Date: 28 January 1990

The act began where Bart Simpson and his sister, Lisa Simpson continued to push each other and they were both being accompanied by arguments. Their dad, Homer Simpson dashed towards them in order to stop their scuffle and explained to them to behave their best since they were planning to go for picnic to Mr. Burns’ company. He also mentioned that he did not want to be let down in front of everyone who attended the picnic, including Mr. Burns. Homer went to the kitchen and appreciated the jell-o that Mrs. Simpson was making. He thought of achieving brownie points since Mr. Burns had admired Marge’s jell-o in the past.

The Simpson family drove off to Mr. Burns’ house while each member carried the desserts on their laps. When they reached the mansion, Homer once again told his family that he expected them to conduct properly just for the sake of showing him some respect and love. Once they went near the entrance, Mr. Burns welcomed them. A child, who belonged to another family in front of the Simpson, made a comment but Mr. Burns did not like it. He immediately called to Mr. Smithers and commanded that the child’s dad to be thrown out of the company. As a result, Homer and his family members became quite anxious and made through their welcoming attitude by Mr. Burns, without getting into any trouble. At the lawn, Homer reminded his family again about the behavioral statement and told them to stay normal. Both the siblings, Bart and Lisa went off to play at the hydro fountain. Homer pursued after them while Marge and his youngest daughter Maggie Simpson were left behind.

Another lady who attended Mr. Burns’ mansion came over to Marge and gave the idea of having punch drink together after keeping their babies at the nursery. At the beginning, Marge was hesitant but when she noticed homer running after the indiscipline children, she changed her mind at once and approved of that lady’s suggestion. Homer went on teaching Bart on how to behave when Mr. Smithers appeared into the scene and informed about the sack race game between dad and son. Bart was told by Homer that they had to allow Mr. Burns to become first. Marge, while having conversation with wives of other employees started feeling unsteady from drinking too much of punch. The place where the sack race occurred, Mr. Smithers fired a gun and gave way for Mr. Burns to start the race. In front of others, Mr. Burns went and Bart could not take it any longer. He thought of running up to the finish line. His dad skipped forward right on time and tackled the situation, by stopping Bart while allowing Mr. Burns to reach the finish line first.

On the other hand, a really tipsy Marge became in charge of singing and dancing performance of every women. Right at that time, Homer spotted her while he was running after Bart and Lisa. He became extremely surprised by seeing his wife acting in that manner and reminded her to conduct properly after taking the punch drink away from her. He also mentioned to her that Mr. Burns was about to give a speech so they should pay attention.

When Mr. Burns started to give the speech all the people who attended the picnic got together and started to hear what Mr. Burns had to say. He showed gratitude towards everyone by thanking them for attending the picnic and told them to leave at once since his hounds were about to be set free within a few more minutes. Everyone started leaving the place at once. Homer found a boy from the family in front of his own, kissing his father and admitting to him what a great time he had at the picnic. Homer also observed that Mr. Burns became happy by seeing the child’s reaction and ordered Smithers to increase the salary of that man. At that instant, homer turned around and told Bart to do the same. At first, Bart hesitated but eventually he did as he was told by his father. Homer was not lucky enough like the other man whose salary had been raised because Mr. Burns had no reaction towards it.

Homer said to the father whose salary had been increased that he could put an end to all his pretensions. The father became rather surprised because he knew not what homer had been talking about. Homer perceived that the children who belonged to that father were as polite as can be. They managed to help each other out while opening the car door as their mom suggested of driving back home since they all had a long and tiring day. When he looked at his own family, he could find out that his son and his daughter fought with each other at the backseat while his wife seemed as if she was about to throw up. Homer started to visualize that a ray of light fell on them after clouds being opened and they traveled up to heavens. But the moment he looked back at his family he felt as if his family members were evil monsters who tried to bring him down to hell. He felt shameful of having such a family while he drove back home.

The children along with their mother, Marge ate dinner at the sitting room while watching TV. Just then Homer came and suggested that they should eat by sitting at the dinner table like all other normal families do. With everyone seated at the table, Lisa asked his dad if he was happy then or not and the moment he said that he was happy everyone began to shove food inside their mouths as quickly as they could. Homer instantly got infuriated and shouted at them. He also told Bart that he should have said his prayers before Bart began to eat. In the half way of offering his prayers Bart told his dad to do the same. While saying the prayers, Homer shared with his family the fact that how discontented he had been about the behavior of his family members. His wife and children admitted that they thought their family was perfectly fine and Homer immediately decided that he had to prove what he had in his mind about his family.

Homer took them out to select some houses at random and watch those families’ behaviors. There was this first family that they managed to visit and they peeped through the window and found out that the family had been seated and enjoyed their fancy dinner. Bart commented that exceptions were always around so Homer and his family peeped through the window of another house. They observed that both the parents were nicely talking to their son. When the dad heard the Simpson, he chased them away with scattergun. The Simpson family ran away and reached the field of another house. As Bart commented about the rubbish state and Homer got hurt due to the flowerbed, they came to realize that house actually belonged to them. As everyone went back inside, Homer declared that he would visit Moe’s tavern for a short while.

As Homer started to drink beer while watching TV, Eddie and Lou who were two dishonest police officers, paid a visit at the same bar. They said that they were looking for a family trespasser whose dog went mad as he found Homer’s body smell. So the police officers left the place without any nuisance. After this, Homer expressed his feelings towards Barney and Moe and in return he had to hear from Barney that no one could control Homer’s children. Homer became really infuriated at this comment and he hit Barney on his face. An undaunted Barney was found to hit Homer back on his head while Homer fell on his back, copying the scene on TV. Still lying on his back, Homer looked at the TV and noticed an advertisement for the Family Therapy Center where Dr. Marvin Monroe treated his patients and he mentioned that he could give solutions to any kind of family problems or else he would return double of what customers had paid to him. With realization dawned that Homer finally got the solution to all his problems, he called up the phone number which was showed on the advertisement.

When Homer walked inside the living room just to announce to his family about what he had just done, he found his wife and children watching “Itchy and Scratchy.” As Homer declared that he had fixed an appointment with Dr Marvin at the Family Therapy Center and that his family members also had to go along with him, all the family members resisted. But Homer still persisted despite the fact that the fee was $250.

Homer decided that he would use up his children’s college fund and go to Family therapy Center, but then he soon realized that there was only $85.50 in there and this was not an adequate amount of money. So he decided to put the TV on mortgage for the remaining amount of money. His family begged of him so that he did not take such a step but Homer was determined to complete his mission of making a perfect family.

Once they all went to the Therapy center, Homer went to the cashier with all the money that he had, and started to think if he would get the thing that he had paid for. Then he saw a family which had walked out after the therapy treatment and they all looked very happy and once again he was influenced to make a better family. As Homer plopped the money down, Dr. Marvin came out to welcome the Simpson family.

The treatment began as Dr. Marvin brought the Simpson family inside his room and told each of them to draw picture of the source which they considered as the reason for their sadness. Mrs. Simpson and the children drew Homer’s picture but Homer got absent minded while thinking about the task given to him and started to draw the picture of an aero plane. Homer was explained by Dr. Marvin that everyone in his family considered Homer to be a strict member. Immediately, Bart approved of this statement. Homer became really angry and he picked up a lamp and warned Bart that he will shatter Bart with that. Dr Marvin tried to soothe Homer and gave the Simpson family another exercise which included hitting each other with big hammers made out of foam. The exercise was not working out in the proper way as the family members soon got fatigue due to swinging of the foam hammers. Eventually, the exercise reached an end as Bart managed to remove the foam off the hammer and struck it at Dr Marvin’s knee. Soon Dr. Marvin got to realize that the Simpson family did not respond to typical treatment and thus he recommended a different kind of exercise. Each of the Simpson’s was told to sit at respective chairs, which consisted of buttons that produced electric shock to another chair, when pushed. Dr. Marvin instructed them just to send a shock to the person if he or she had hurt him or him emotionally. Everyone in the Simpson family began to shove the buttons, shocking each and every member continuously and this exercise also turned into a terrible mess. The luminous situation in the Family Therapy Center as well as all around Springfield became dull and Mr. Burns expressed that he really liked the situation as it showed how people were consuming energy. Dr. Marvin, getting to tolerate no more, yelled at the Simpson so that they would conclude whatever they were doing. No one in the Simpson family could hear Dr. Marvin and eventually he had to stop the connection so that no one could send any shock to each other. Becoming so desperate due to the chaos that the Simpson had created he planned to expel them out of his chamber. Right at that moment, Homer asked Dr. Marvin to return double of what he had paid him, since that was the condition shown on TV. Dr. Marvin handed Homer $500 and the Simpson family went home gracefully. Everyone felt very intimate between each other and felt really happy since they had obtained $500. Each and everyone showed their feelings towards Homer, who lastly decided that he, would be getting a completely new TV with the amount of money that he had earned.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Homer's Odyssey

SEASON-1 (Episode- 3)- Original Air Date: 21 January 1990

In this episode Mrs. Krabappel, the class teacher was grouping up students and getting them prepared for the group excursion to the thermal power station. All the students of that class, including Bart Simpson were gathered in Springfield Elementary school. Once the bus chauffeur, Otto pulled up at the road side, all other students got inside the bus to look for their seats except for Bart. Bart was still blabbering away with Otto while standing outside the bus, when Mrs. Krabappel shouted at him so as to make him enter the bus. Bart scampered once he got inside the bus and got to know that the only seat available was next to Wendell, who had vomiting tendency and he managed to throw up during all the bus journeys. Soon the bus ride began and Bart tried his level best to remain in his best behavior. The teacher alarmed Bart that if he made any commotion, he would have to undergo the punishment of singing in front of the entire class. Two girls named Sherri and Terri, who sat right behind Bart, thought of creating more problems for him. So they both kissed Bart on his cheek which resulted in Bart shrieking out loud! Mrs. Krabappel forced Bart to sing in front of the entire class as she had warned earlier. As the bus came to a halt, Bart complimented Wendell for not throwing up during the bus ride and tapped him at the back. As a result, Wendell threw up at that instant.

When everyone got inside the power station, Mr. Smithers switched on a film based on atomic power in the small movie theater. The main actor happened to be a tiny fictional character named Smilin’ Joe Fission who gave all the descriptions about the atomic power. When the movie was over, Mr. Smithers let the children have a look around the power station. The other children participated in the tour when Sherri and Terri explained to Bart about the fact that their father was an employee at the power station. They also mentioned that their father had mentioned to them about Homer Simpson, who happened to be Bart’s father as an inefficient employee!

On that very same day, Homer was chewing on a doughnut by sitting on his motor vehicle. After informing his colleague, that Bart would soon arrive there along with his class, he quickly drove away in order to look for him. The school boys and girls continued their journey along the sidewalk which appeared on the top level of the working field of the power station. Just underneath that, Homer could be seen with his cart. As Bart noticed his dad, he called for him. While waving back, homer was looking in the upward direction and failed to notice what he was heading for. Mr. Simpson accidentally bumped into the air pipe and poisonous gas began to spread out. The team leader was right there when the incident occurred and he immediately wanted to know who had done such a miserable thing! Homer was being pointed by all the employees and the team leader declared him as “fired!” The team leader perceived his two daughters, Sherri and Terri and waved at them. The daughters did the same and a degraded Bart just hid his face in shame!

Next day during breakfast, the Simpson family encouraged homer in getting another job, as he sat there all blue! By hearing all their words, homer found some high hopes and went in search of a job. Soon he found out that the only thing happening to him, through out the day were doors being slammed right on his face. He could no more hope for a new job and he entered Moe’s Tavern in order to get rid of his stress. Moe answered a phone call as Homer started drinking. Actually it was Bart making a phony call at that time. Homer wanted to have another drink and soon he got to know by reaching his pocket that he could not afford to buy anymore. So he just headed towards home.

Later when Homer reached home safely, he discussed about his experiences and thoughts while searching for a job with Mrs. Simpson. His wife, Marge expressed sympathy towards him and admitted that she was ready to work being a waitress, just the way she had been when she was single.

The next morning Marge Simpson left for work and Homer lay on the sofa. Although his children tried their level best to make him happy, he remained sad and did not respond to them. During night time, he saw a Duff beer advertisement and sat upright. He went to the kitchen and after walking about for a while, he looked inside the fridge for a beer. He got infuriated since he could not find any and he went to Bart’s room to get his son’s piggy bank. As Bart slept, Homer stole that bank and went back to the kitchen. After he broke the money bank open, he found out that Bart did not even have adequate amount of money which would allow Homer to buy a can of beer. Once Homer’s realization dawned, he felt how low he had been due to what he had just done. The only solution which came to his mind was by giving up his own life. Hence, he wrote a goodbye letter to his family about the fact that he had no intention of being alive and left his home. The idea of jumping off the bridge crossed his mind and he tied himself up with a huge rock. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he perceived his home for one final time and carried the rock with him while walking along the road.

Lisa Simpson, who happened to be Bart’s sister, went to her mother’s room along with her brother. Both the siblings woke their mom up just because they thought that they had been mugged. Bart found out that his piggy bank was missing and realized that it was stolen but the moment his sister was the first one to observe Homer’s letter, the entire family sighed!

As homer kept on traveling, he reached a junction where no STOP symbol existed and was nearly run down by an approaching car. As he arrived onto the bridge and was just about to leap, the Simpson family which included Homer’s wife and children shouted at him and stopped him from doing whatever he was about to do. When Marge, Lisa and Bart altogether dashed towards Homer, they were also about to get run down by another car. But at that instant, Homer got into the way and pushed away his wife and children in order to save them. He explained to them that the junction was too unsafe and suggested that a “STOP” symbol must be put in that place. A light beam fell on his head and he got to realize that he had a motive for being alive and that was by making the junction safer.

Next morning Homer proposed of putting a “STOP” symbol at the unsafe junction of 12th and D Street. With his proposal being accepted, a rather surprised Homer realized the motive of staying alive and wanted to do a campaign where he could make the entire Springfield safe. A montage of newspaper headings resulted in recording down of Homer’s new ideas, symbols as well as increasing support of the general people. During the following week, the whole city was full of safety symbols but still Homer felt as if he should have done more and he thought of making the thermal power station safer, than it ever has been. Afterwards, Homer stood in front of the volunteering crowd in the power station and declared about the fact that the power station lacked safety. Mr. Burns scowled down his office window in order to look at Homer and commanded Smithers to bring Homer to his office so that he could talk to Homer Simpson in person. Smithers did as he was told to do so and sent Homer to Mr. Burn’s office. When Homer met Mr. Burns, he was offered a job as the safety inspector of the power station. After thinking for a while, Homer approved of it. Mr. Burns told homer that his first task was to go to the terrace and lie to people by declaring them that the nuclear power station was completely safe. At first Homer hesitantly went up to the terrace but when he was about to lie, he changed his mind and went back inside, confessing that he could not perform the task of lying. Mr. Burns got to realize that Homer was a very loyal worker and he had a passion for safety, and thus kept him as the safety inspector. Homer became happy and went back to the terrace in order to declare about his new job. The entire crowd greeted him while he started dancing like a celebrity on the terrace surface. While doing that, he got so excited that although he was the safety inspector, he fell off the terrace! The crowd managed to catch him from underneath and carried him along while they kept on chanting the word, “Homer.”

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Bart The Genius

SEASON-1 (Episode-2)- Original Air Date: 14 January 1990
The Simpson family was playing SCRABBLE in their living room in order to improve Bart Simpson’s vocabulary since he was required to attend an aptitude test at school, the next day. Bart imagined a word called “Kwyjibo,” and as soon as he uttered it, the game neared an end as everyone else realized that Bart had been cheating. Bart also tried to defend himself by defining the meaning of the word as an enormous North American chimpanzee without any chin. Homer Simpson became infuriated due to his son’s behavior, and immediately chased him away.
Next day, a boy named Martin Prince who was considered to be a genius at school, complained against Bart for writing down negative things, by spray painting on the school walls, about Mr. Skinner, who happened to be the school principal. So the principal told Bart to meet him when school ended. During the aptitude test, the lecturer, Mrs. Krabappel was about to distribute the papers to every students who sat for that particular test. Right at that time, Martin managed to raise his hand and reminded the teacher about the fact that Bart was supposed to attend the test by remaining face to face with the window, so that he had no way of copying from other friends. As instructed, Bart couldn’t help but began the test by facing the window while muttering to himself. While writing, he tried to figure out a way to solve a lengthy word problem with no avail. As a result, he began to think harder about the solution which led him to day dream. By the time Bart’s realization dawned, he found Martin handing over his paper to the teacher as he was done with his examination. Martin was sent out of the classroom along with a book and was told to read it for the rest of the time period. While Bart was still trying to concentrate on his test, he found a complacent Martin showing his tongue to him by standing outside the window. Bart made a face at Martin so as to take revenge. The lecturer noticed the case and immediately looked out the window in order to find out what on earth had Bart been trying to perceive. As she tried to do so, Bart, without even wasting any second, took away Martin’s paper which was placed on top of the desk. It was quite easy for him to tackle the situation as he was now sitting on the front bench and the lecturer was facing her back to him. Bart somehow managed to change his name with Martin and after scribbling down a few more words on his own paper, he wrote down Martin’s name on that paper. After he was completely contented with his work, he kept the papers back to the lecturer’s desk.
After school, a meeting had been called in order to discuss about Bart’s conduct at school and thus, his parents, MR. Homer Simpson as well as Mrs. Marge Simpson were asked to come over. The meeting took place in Mr. Skinner’s office. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were informed by Principal Skinner about the spray painting incident in which Bart had been involved during the morning time. Mr. Skinner also ensured that Homer and Marge Simpson got acquainted with Bart’s previous records and just when he was about to talk through something about the expulsion lines, his secretary suddenly appeared inside the office. When asked about what the matter had been, Mr. Skinner was told that the school mental health professional named Dr. J. Loren Pryor was interested in talking to Mr. Skinner. Everyone was taken by surprise when Dr. Pryor joined the meeting and declared that Bart could be considered as an “extraordinary child” and he gave evidence by mentioning the fact that Bart had an IQ of 216 which had been deduced by seeing his aptitude test earlier. The psychiatrist concluded that Bart was a genius, and the main reason for him doing all the mischief at school was because school work was just like pieces of cake for him. Mr. Skinner was not so contented with the statement and he was about to suggest that Bart should have repeated the test but when Dr. Pryor gave the idea about sending Bart to the same school as other “extraordinary children” went, Mr. Skinner alas became convinced and did not argue about anything. Bart became rather interested when he heard that the school didn’t provide with much rules except for the fact that the students were given the choices of making their own. Bart, along with Mr. and Mrs. Simpson left the office in bewilderment after Dr. Pryor gave some handouts to Bart, which he would have needed at the school he was about to join!
Next morning, during breakfast, Homer and Marge remained more closely attached with Bart as they realized that their son had been no less than a genius. Homer even told Lisa, Bart's sister to eat the exact meals as Bart took for his breakfast so that she could become like her brother as well. Lisa, being the smarter kid could not have been fooled like her parents, by the incidents that had occurred around the house as she was overconfident about her brother being nothing, but an idiot!
When they were done with the breakfast, Homer and Bart headed towards the new school. As they walked through the compound, they found out Bart’s class and Homer observed that all the children inside the classroom were attired along with neck ties. He therefore handed over his own tie to Bart and gave him an encouraging speech about getting to attend the first day of school, before pushing him forward through the door of the class. The teacher, Mrs. Melon got Bart acquainted with herself as well as the other students and showed him round the class. She also informed Bart about the independent learning system and the only rule applicable inside the classroom was to create their own. “Free will and the irony it creates” was chosen to be the topic for debating among the students. As the other students kept on giving their opinions either for or against the topic, Bart found it rather difficult to cope up with the discussion. During lunch, Bart's classmates got to realize that he wasn’t all that smart as everyone thought he would be, due to the fact that he was ready to accept anything and everything said or done by his friends. Eventually, a humiliated Bart left the lunch table, leaving his other friends with their mocking laughter at him.
After class, when Bart reached home, he was resting in his bedroom when homer entered his room in order to talk about his son’s experience on the first day of his new school. Homer stated that they would be going out for chocolate milkshakes. The moment Bart agreed to his dad’s statement his mom appeared and said that she had arranged tickets so that they could attend opera and that would help cultivate Bart’s mind. Once in opera, Bart and Homer were bored to death and therefore they were trying to fool around although they were continuously being stopped by Marge.
Everyday was getting worse. Next day when Bart went to school he realized what a stupid he really was when he wasn’t being able to figure out a calculus problem from the blackboard. While walking back home, his old school came into view and he could perceive his old friends playing with marbles. As he made an eye contact with them, in an attempt to talk to them, they behaved in such a way that they were seeing an alien and told Bart to leave them alone. Bart was quite depressed about everything that had not been working out right lately and as he was having his dinner, his mom declared that they should not get delayed for the movie festival that she had arranged the tickets for as she thought this was a good method to cultivate her son’s mind. At the thought of attending another movie festival, Bart was hesitant and luckily, Homer gave the decision that it wasn’t really necessary for them to attend the movie festival. Bart became happy and he wanted to confess the truth to his dad and he wanted to admit that he was no genius but all these had been happening due to the fact that he had cheated in his IQ test. At that very moment, Homer suggested that Bart and he should go outside and play. After the game was over, Bart realized that being a father of a genius meant a lot to his dad, and pushed away the thought of confessing the truth to him. He was afraid to see his parents upset and he didn’t even know how to get out of the mess that he had created; so he just thought of sticking to the lie that everyone was happy with!
Next day at school, Bart managed to bring about an explosion during chemistry experiment which led to the spreading out of green gooey stuff everywhere including his body. Later, Bart could be seen in Dr Pryor’s office and the psychiatrist asked him the reasons for being a failure at school. Dr Pryor thought he already knew the answer and that was, the things provided at the school were not up to the standard for Bart and that had been creating all the mess. Bart gave an excuse by suggesting that he wished he could go back to his old school because he wanted to study about normal children life in their ordinary school by acting like an undercover agent. So Dr Pryor found it innovative and supported Bart’s decision and told him to write down an application, referring to Mr. Skinner and in the mean time, Dr Pryor would go and talk to the principal in person. While struggling to write the application, Bart could no longer bear all the terrible problems that he had been undergoing and therefore confessed the truth instead of the application. When Dr Pryor returned to his office, he saw the explanation, written by Bart and he realized at once that Bart had never been a brilliant student.
Later, when Bart came home from school, he greeted his parents in that same green stains, left on his body. Homer thought of giving Bart a wash, in order to get rid of the stains. Once dad and son were together, Bart admitted the truth to his dad that he was never a genius and that he had cheated in his test. He also added that he loved getting all the extra bit of attentions from his parents and this situation had brought them closer than ever! But Homer’s way of thinking was different and he couldn’t be as optimistic as Bart had sounded to be. He started chasing Bart like he used to do in the past. Bart tried to hide inside his bedroom and locked the door from inside while his dad kept on knocking away. Everything gradually came back to normal in the Simpson house.