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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McFarlane Toys


The characters BART, LISA, HOMER, MARGE, and MAGGIE are from the 20th Century Fox's critically acclaimed animated series. The simpsons came in acknowledgement before the public in the year 1987 and the characters are more highlighted now when McFarlane gave them real shape through his toy company. In the history of television series "THE SIMPSONS" is the longest running sitcom. Apart from this "THE SIMPSONS" is also famous for different celebrity guest voices used through out the years. Celebs like:- Mel Gibson, Elizabeth Taylor, Danny DeVito, Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer and also some musical guests such as Aerosmith, Keith Richards, Mike Jagger and not the least Britney Spears. All in all "THE SIMPSONS" is a legendary comedy series and now they are coming up with a full throttle movie “THE SIMPSONS MOVIE”.


Todd McFarlane ! The founder of McFarlane toys (established in 1994) is a famous toy company that had been making models of character from video games, comics, sport figures, movies etc till now. This time McFarlane getting connected with 20th Century Fox to make a new era for "THE SIMPSONS MOVIE" .Yes you are right! McFarlane toy company is officially dealing with the production of "THE SIMPSONS’ FIGURES". All the simpsons’ figures and toys are already debuting in the stores in parallel with the movie trailers and the movie which is on July 27th 2007.

In the year 2005, McFarlane got the rights (previously held by manufacturer Plamates toys) for producing figures of the famous sitcom series as well as the movie "THE SIMPSONS MOVIE".

In 2006 the McFarlane toy company first produced a motorized statue which was named "Ironic Punishment"; this figure was based on "Treehouse Of Horror IV" episode in which a Devil buys Homer's soul in exchange of a donut. After that Homer is sent to purgatory and was forced to have donuts as an ironic punishment for his greediness but still he was enjoying. The figure shows almost an oval shape Homer, eating pile of donuts fed by a blue demon from a big machine; one can see the plastic donuts in Homer's mouth falling from the big donut machine.

Keeping in mind another figure was made on "Treehouse of Horror VI", episode in which from a giant boy name Lard Lad; Homer steals a giant donut. The figure contains Homer's car, Homer himself and the Lard Lad with the giant donut. Along with the figure of Lard Lad another set was made from the Treehouse of Horros from the thirteenth episode which is called "The island of Dr.Hibbert". It shows the guy from the comic book and the simpsons family as a savage creation of Dr.Hibbert.

The next figure was inscribed on the opening scene of every episode and it was named "Family Couch Gag"; in which the simpsons family run into the living room in their usual gesture. The McFarlane toy company produced the whole family along with their pets, which is capable of creating human pyramid by joining each other through connectors in their bodies.

Last year 2006 June 23rd, McFarlane officially declared the first stage of Simpsons family action figures instead of small statue boxed sets; which will come out in this year 2007. All figures will show the original events from the episode which Playmates' figures were unable to produce (i.e the playmates' simpson toys were not able to depict the scenarios in the figures from the actual episode).

The ultimate conclusion is McFarlane toys are coming up with upgrades and updates on the figure of the characters from SERIES ONE and especially from the movie "THE SIMPSONS MOVIE".


Simpsons boxed sets (2006)

Simpsons Series 1 ( 2007)


Simpsons Movie (July 2007)


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